Friday, 26 May 2017

Bahujan Samaj Party Policies

(i) It identifies itself with Dalit’s. Initially it started criticizing Manuism and the followers of Manu who constitute the members of the higher castes,

(ii) It aims at ending social and economic inequalities and also exploitation of the Dalit’s,
(iii) It always aspires to capture political power so that it could serve the Dalit Samaj,
(iv) Its immediate task is to become the arbiter and determinate of political power and make full use of the prevailing environment for its benefits,
(v) To eliminate untouchability is its main goal,
(vi) To take special steps to protect the interests of the Dalit women is another goal in view,
(vii) To secure the end of Manuwadi and Brahmanwadi system are its cherished aims,
(viii) To establish institutions in the name of Baba Saheb B.R. Ambedkar is its effort,
(ix) To secure more places for Dalits in the administration is its main struggle. Its other notable plans are:
(x) To end child labour;
(xi) To strengthen public sector;
(xii) To promote cottage industries;
(xiii) To secure the interests of landless farmers;
(xiv) To end exploitation of Dalits by jagirdars, Sahukars and big landlords;
(xv) To make the country self-reliant through planning;
(xvi) To eradicate corruption;
(xvii) To make bureaucracy accountable;
(xviii) To resolve centre-state disputes through mutual consultations;
(xix) To strive for avoidance of ever increasing social violence;
(xx) To make local governments and institutions more powerful;
(xxi) To uphold faith in non-alignment and strive for a permanent seat for India in the Security Council;
(xxii) To improve relations with neighbours and strengthen the forces of peace;

(xxiii) To abide by the policy of peaceful co-existence.

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