Friday, 26 May 2017

Bahujan Samaj Party Presence in Indian Politics

In elections in 1985, it could not capture even a single seat. In 1989 elections it could win only one seat in Lok Sabha and 12 in Punjab Vidhan Sabha. In 1993, it joined hands with Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party and formed a government in U.P. It was a transient affair. In June 1995, it joined hands with the BJP to form a government. It worked only for four months.
Later the BJP formed government with the BSP support. However the arrangement was a flop. In 1996 it formed an alliance with Akali Dal in Punjab. It won 3 Lok Sabha seats from Punjab 6 from U.P. and 2 from M.P. i.e. 11 seats in 10th Lok Sabha. In M.P. it could secure 8.18 per cent and in U.P. 20.8 per cent votes. However, it suffered a setback in 1997 in Punjab Assembly elections as it could get only one seat.
In February-March 1998, it contested elections in alliance with the Congress and could win only 5 Lok Sabha seats. Even (its the then president)—Kanshi Ram was defeated. With the meagre victory at polls, it could play a nasty role for the BJP led alliance on April 17, 1999 and brought its fall.
In 13th Lok Sabha elections it improved its tally from 5 to 14. In 14th Lok Sabha elections (2004) it could further improve its position by bagging 19 seats in Lok Sabha. It improved its vote percentage from 4.16 in 1999 to 5.08 in 2004.
Its major triumphs have been in U.P. Its popular vote percentage went up by 2 per cent. In February 2002 elections it could not muster majority but it improved its strength in U.P. Vidhan Sabha as well as its share in the popular vote. It remained in power in U.P. as a part of BJP-BSP coalition. In February 2005 assembly election, it won 3 seats in Bihar Assembly as well. In other states, she played the role of a spoiler for the Congress in particular.
In April 2004, the BSP contested 46 out of 48 Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra. It garnered 10.46 lakh votes. In Bye election of 12 seats, it captured 2 seats. In XVth Lok Sabh election it could win only 21 seats.
The BSP has been recognized as a National Party in the Indian Political system and its popularity under Mayawati has been gradually on the ascendance. Despite the fact that BSP has been trying to woo the other communities by giving them party tickets yet it is identified as the party of the Dalits. The party has been playing the role of a spoiler to damage the National parties in the elections.

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