Sunday, 4 June 2017

We have a limited time here in this World

Its up to us that whether we want to live our life with hatred or love in our hearts.
Those who carry love, they live their life.
Those who carry hatred, they spread hatred and they are capable of changing a better place into worst place.
But they too are not to be hated, their deeds may be wrong, which can be corrected.
Those who say Kill The Sinners are Anti-Humanity.
I say, Kill The Sin Not The Sinner.
Don't want to spread fear that a person before doing a Sin, 100 baar soche. I want that thought of committing a sin, never comes in her/his mind. 
Spreading Fear Means More Encouragement 
In India, we have been fighting with each other in the name of Religion.
Why so ? Is there anywhere written in some holy book that fight with that particular community ? 
If you follow religion - A to Z - as suggested in your holy book, i assure you that from then no religion fighting will take place. 
Because religion does not teaches you to fight, those are the fanatics who make you fight with the person of other community.
Don't forget that we are humans. 
By saying that you're Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/Isai, you're separating yourself from others.
So just say, I'm human and with this you connect yourself to the whole mankind. 

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